Jen K.

With A Glo since...
September 2013
When I'm not working I like to...
Spend time at home & have adventures with my husband, son, family, & friends; read anything & everything of interest I can get my hands on; yoga & be outside, especially if there's water involved.
If I were granted one wish...
To be independently wealthy so I could help people in need and travel the world.
My favorite...

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Harry Potter series

Finding Nemo

Vacation Spot:
Grand Cayman Island and Ecuador

I love our guests because...
I get to live my passion of making people happy. Holding space for our guest to heal and/or destress makes me feel fulfilled, satisfied, and happy. I love what I do & the people I do that with. Whether it's with my teammates or our guests.
Likes, dislikes and random facts...

Yoga, cats, warm weather, chocolate, flowers, so many things!!

Cold weather, wet socks or shoes, negative people (Debby Downers!) and overly spicy foods.

Random Fact:
I’m scuba certified. I’ve reached Rescue Diver level. I’d like to be a scuba instructor and live some place warm.

The person I’d most like to have dinner with is…
Ellen DeGeneres. I love her! She’s funny, smart and so kind. I’d love to get to know her as a person and pick her brain. I think she’s a mentor figure for me, despite her celebrity status and never having met her. She’s just so down to earth, grounded and has such a real and kind heart.